Thursday, March 29, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 500

Today's song is...

Till My Head Falls Off

I thought for quite a while this morning about what song should be Song of the Day number 500. It seemed like a pretty auspicious number and worthy of something great. I tried out the randomizer to see if it would be inspired and came up with something good for tomorrow but not 500th worthy. Then I started looking at the big "hits" to see if there were any I haven't covered yet, but everything I could think of has already been used. So then I thought, hey, this is my blog after all. I am going with the only one of my Top 5 songs that hasn't been used yet. I think it's worthy.

Sometimes I listen to this song and am just completely blown away. Between the guitar riff, the pounding keyboard, and the absolute best bass part in the catalog, my brain can barely comprehend how good this song is. All of the elements come together to form something very close to absolute perfection. The song is jam packed with little moments that give me chills. The entire first 10 seconds for one. The keyboard in the second verse. The bass solo in the bridge, followed by the guitar solo. The drums at the very end. Damn. SO good. And add in the fact that it's all layered with some of my favorite lyrics and you have near definitive proof of John Linnell's songwriting genius.

This song is number two on my list of songs I would like to hear live. And the kicker is I have actually heard it. But I have absolutely zero memory of it. They played it at the Factory Showroom show at Mohegan Sun in '08 and I just 100% do not remember it. I didn't know the song then and didn't care. And I want a re-do. I desperately want to see Dan rip into that guitar solo. I want to see how into that keyboard part Linnell gets while he's belting out those lyrics. I want to see Marty race through that drum rhythm at break-neck speeds. And more than anything else I want to hear Danny play that bass solo. Give me that and I will die a happy satisfied fangirl.

"And I'm not done, and I won't be till my head falls off. Though it may not be a long way off. I won't be done until my head falls off."


  1. This song recently became my ringback tone for the next year. Kudos on 500.

  2. (Playing blog catch-up presently)

    I just rediscovered this song! Or rather, how great this song is. The lyrics "And when I lean my head against the frosted shower stall/I see stuff through the glass that I don't recognize at all" gives me chills every time.