Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Danny!

Happy birthday to my favorite bass player, Mr. Danny Weinkauf!

TMBG may have been pretty down periscope in 2014, but Danny was busy taking the children's music industry by storm! Climbing the kindie music charts and teaching the youth of the world that spelling is actually pretty cool, the moon probably is made of cheese after all and hopping up and down is an activity best suited to kangaroos and youngsters attending rock shows by Danny Weinkauf and his Red Pants Band.

Speaking as a fan and a long-time admirer of Danny's music, I could not be prouder of everything he has achieved this year and look forward to all the music and adventurers the next year holds.

Wishing you the very bestest of birthdays, Danny! Sit back, relax and enjoy a giant slice of cake. Cheers!