My Bucket List

These are the songs I most want to hear live someday. Some are songs I really love. Some are songs I want to hear to complete a long held goal of hearing all of the songs on the Dial-A-Song collection live. Some I still hope are likely if I wait long enough. Some I fully admit are highly unlikely. I only included songs that have already been played at least once, to maintain some element of reasonableness. Wish me luck!

Man, It's So Loud In Here 10/17/14!
Destination Moon
9 Secret Steps
Working Undercover For The Man 10/17/14!
A Self Called Nowhere
Hovering Sombrero 12/31/17!
AKA Driver
Bangs 12/31/17!
Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon
Another First Kiss
I Should Be Allowed To Think
Stormy Pinkness
Climbing the Walls 5/6/15!
Exquisite Dead Guy

For the record, there actually aren't that many songs that TMBG have played live that I haven't yet heard. Not counting the venue songs, various intros, Stump the Band and Spin the Dial covers, and a few other pieces of miscellany, this is the remaining list of what's been played that I haven't heard. Basically, I need a John Henry show and a Mink Car show (EDIT: I've now seen at least a partial Mink Car show), with a few things from The Spine and Long Tall Weekend thrown in.

They Got Lost
Bastard Wants To Hit Me
Can You Find It?
I've Got A Match
When It Rains It Snows
For Science
The Biggest One
Mr. Klaw
O Tannenbaum
Out Of Jail
Sleeping In The Flowers
She Was A Hotel Detective
Certain People I Could Name
Unrelated Thing
Extra Savoir-Faire
Why Must I Be Sad
O' Do Not Forsake Me
Dirt Bike
Stomp Box
Your Own Worst Enemy
Severe Tire Damage Theme
Rat Patrol
Operators Are Standing By
Counterfeit Faker
Lullabye To Nightmares
Rest Awhile
On the Drag
Radio They Might Be Giants
The Truth In Your Words
Down To The Bottom Of The Sea
The Ballad Of Timothy McSweeney
Your Mom's Alright
I've Got A Fang
Yeh Yeh
Hopeless Bleak Despair
Finished With Lies
Santa Claus
Feast Of Lights
Careless Santa
The Army's Tired Now
Caroline, No
Wearing A Raincoat
I Can't Hide From My Mind
The Spine Surf Alone
Fun Assassin
Pictures of Pandas Painting
Why Did You Grow A Beard
No Plan B

And finally, a bonus note for these two songs, which I probably saw at my first show but I will never know because there is no recorded setlist for it and I don't remember!

Flying V

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  1. I so want a John Henry show!!! My fave album!! I know they think it wouldn't be a big hit, but it would make me so happy!