Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 477

Today's song is...

How Can I Sing Like A Girl?

Admittedly, this was not a song I paid an awful lot of attention to before this most recent tour, when the Johns started performing it regularly. I also have to admit that while the duo performance with just accordion was exciting, sweet and pretty the first few times I heard it, it has gotten old surprisingly fast and I find myself longing for the fuller arrangement on the recording. I miss the wailing guitar solo and the boom boom bass drum and the synth choir. I tell you what though, after this ginormous show break that is fast approaching, I'll be more than ready to hear it in any form again. Oh, and I do love the bit where Flans declares "Rock me, John" and there is a beautiful accordion solo (live, obviously, not on the recording).

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