My Top 25 Favorite TMBG Songs (For Now)

I refer to my list of Top 25 favorite songs somewhat frequently in my posts, so I thought it might be helpful to have it available to reference. It's a rather fluid list. The order isn't absolute. Stuff changes. I fall in love with a song, I fall out of love with a song. I just get sick of a song I really love. The band releases new songs that need to be considered. I'll try to go back and update this every once in a while to keep it current. But for now, this is my list.

25. Rhythm Section Want Ad
24. All The Lazy Boyfriends
23. Am I Awake?
22. Road Movie To Berlin
21. In Fact
20. Letterbox
19. Alphabet Lost And Found
18. Seven
17. You're On Fire
16. Don't Let's Start
15. Where Do They Make Balloons?
14. Subliminal
13. Damn Good Times
12. The Bells Are Ringing
11. Call You Mom
10. Withered Hope
9. Ana Ng
8. Museum of Idiots
7. Celebration
6. Doctor Worm
5. I Am A Paleontologist
4. Till My Head Falls Off
3. Nine Bowls of Soup
2. Birdhouse In Your Soul
1. Man, It's So Loud In Here