Monday, April 23, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 525

Today's song is...

Free Ride

This barely counts as a usable SOTD song by my standards. It has several factors working against it. First, it is a cover. Second it is a cover that has never been formally recorded. Third, in almost all cases it is played as an instrumental as intro and outdo music and only a fraction of the song is played. The whole reason I decided to include it at all has to do with quantity. The vast number of times I have seen this performed as intro music, far more so than any other piece of that nature, has earned it a spot as the SOTD. I wish I had a recording of that performance where there was an issue getting the puppets ready and the boys just had to keep playing and playing Free Ride, until Flans finally joked that they were going to have to perform the entire song. That would have been a good one to share today. Instead you can all just imagine it in your heads and sing "free riiiiiiide" at the right moment.

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