Friday, April 13, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 515

Today's song is...

Snail Shell

Yet another one that I went "Really? I haven't done this one yet?!" I don't spend a lot of thought on this song, but I really enjoy the music. This is a particularly good bass song and there are bits of all the other instrumental lines I love as well. There is a vibe present in a lot of the songs on John Henry that I can't quite pin point but I really enjoy, and it is definitely present here. I can't say the video for this song is one of my favorites but it has some entertainment value. This is also a fun song to hear live because Linnell usually makes some pretty entertaining faces while singing and I always enjoy watching Danny plow into that bass part in the bridge. Not one I hear often, but it did enjoy a good little run on the most recent tour.

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