Thursday, April 5, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 507

Today's song is...

Alphabet of Nations

I was genuinely shocked to realize I hadn't done this song yet. This is one of the few songs in the catalog where the live version is so vastly better than the recorded version, that I almost never listen to the version on the album. I feel like the album version isn't even the whole song. The lack of the bridge makes it end abruptly and it just sounds unfinished. And it just isn't the same without Linnell dragging out that long note on "Guatamalaaaaaaaaaaaa." Honestly, I think the bridge is my favorite part of the song. I will never get tired of watching Linnell spit out names of countries and wave his arms around in spastic motions. This is actually, probably among my favorite songs to watch live. Because it is visually entertaining as well as musically. Having both Johns freed from their instruments opens them up to so much silly behavior on stage. Also, I love the piano part on this song. It's just such a nice melody, punctuated by those strong chords.  I love watching Dan pound it out on the keyboard. I have occasionally winced watching Linnell attempt to fumble through it. I have so many good memories associated with this. Including the time I decided to take the "Name the countries in Alphabet of Nations" quiz on Sporkle and went in thinking I was going to rock it, until I figured out I needed to be able to spell Azerbaijan correctly in order to pass (and yes, I did just have to look it up.)

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