Friday, April 20, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 521

Today's song is...

Lie Still, Little Bottle

Yet another example of songs that made no impression on me in the recorded version, and made all sorts of impression live. Of course it helped that the first time I saw it live was the first and only time I saw it performed with The Stick, which is an experience one never forgets. I've seen it numbers times since, using several different gimmicks but none of them were as effective as The Stick.

For me the song is all about the rhythm. The lyrics are kind of irrelevant. It's the impact of just a sax (or some form of clarinet, which is almost always how I have seen it) and the rhythm. And going back to the recorded version, after seeing it live, I have more appreciation for that super sparse arrangement and how well it works for the song.

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