Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Song of the Day - Day 856

Today's song is...

Too Tall Girl

It happened slowly, but I am totally in love with this song. Like head over heels. The instrumentation is fantastic. There are so many little delightful things buried in the music, from the little bits of percussion to the clarinet, to the bass drum, to the beautiful vibraphone. And the lyrics are so whimsical. It's almost a love song. Maybe a bit of a silly one, but a love song nonetheless. Packed with interesting vocabulary words and one of the most delightful rhymes I've heard: "Knows more etiquette than Connecticut." I wouldn't even have said it a week ago, but now, this is hand down my favorite Flans song on Nanobots. It delights me. There is just no better word for it. It is delightful.

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