Sunday, March 17, 2013

Song of the Day - Day 853

Today's song is...


I was very confused about what is going on in this song, until I realized I was mishearing the final word. And then it made a lot more sense. Until I realized that my "correct" lyric was still not what the wiki claims to be the lyric. So I'll put it up for the readers to decide. I originally couldn't tell if the final line was "I'm going downtown to get new stuff" or "you stuff." But then I thought I was totally wrong and it was "to get you stopped." I figured that one made more sense. Dave is getting scammed, but he pulls a fast one on the scammer, running away with the $200 to tattle on the guy who tried to cheat him. But the wiki has the lyric as "to get used up." Which again, doesn't make any sense to me. I know none of these are "official lyrics" since there is no lyric sheet with the album, but what is popular opinion on what people are hearing?

Also, I enjoy this guitar part.

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  1. it's totally "used up"! makes the most sense of any of these options, plus the "p" sound is extremely distinct at the end.

    and never mind that i made the lyrics page on der wiki.