Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Song of the Day - Day 841

Today's song is...


I was initially very excited about the idea of a song about Tesla, and ended up a bit disappointed. I think I was expecting a big rocker like James K. Polk or even Meet James Ensor. But Tesla is slow and lacking in any particularly catchy phrases in the melody. While loaded with facts, I find the repetition in many of them being delivered in the same phrase, "ushered the...," tiring. I was compelled to do some research into why Tesla had x-rays of Mark Twains skull and did find the answer interesting. I hadn't even realized they were contemporaries. I am very curious to hear what it sounds like live. But unlike, what I imagine would be the case with, most of the other songs on the album, I was not especially crushed that they premiered this one while I wasn't there. Which probably says more about my interest in the song that anything else. Maybe if it hadn't been so different from what I was expecting, it would have faired better in my affections.

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