Friday, March 1, 2013

Song of the Day - Day 837

Today's song is...

She Was A Hotel Detective

This was another of my very first TMBG songs I was introduced to (along with On the Drag, Museum of Idiots, D&W and This Ape's For You). And it actually took me a while, even after I started getting into the band, to really accept that this was TMBG. It was a song I totally associated with the mix CD it was on which was full of bands I wasn't familiar with. And even now when I listen to it, I can get a minute in before I can clearly convince myself that it is definitely Linnell singing. (Side note: I recently discovered that one of the songs on that same CD was an OK Go song, which also kind of blew my mind.) For reasons I can't even entirely explain to myself, I have not included this song on any TMBG mix I have ever made myself, choosing instead to only listen to it on that mix. I guess maybe its a sentimental thing. Because I really enjoy the song. I think I actually forget how much I enjoy the song because I forget that it is a TMBG song when I am thinking about their songs that I really like. It's got a great bass line (even if it is only synth), an interesting melody and the "falsetto" part works very well. I guess it goes without saying that this is my favorite of the Hotel Detective series. And, as I have been nearly the end of my SOTD list, I have found it fitting that this was one of the last songs on the list, since it was one of my first.

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