Thursday, November 15, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 731

Today's song is...

Authenticity Trip

Here is an example of a song I don't really "get". Usually not getting a song doesn't really bother me, if I can accept that it is mostly nonsense. But when I feel there is actually, probably some deeper meaning I am just missing, it tends to irk me. However, in this particular case, the song is so much fun and the lyrics so wacky that I can't help but like it, even though I still feel like I am missing something. Plus I enjoy songs where the singer incorporates a message to the actual musicians playing into the lyrics like Flans does yelling, "Go!" at the band before the chorus (Cyclops Rock, with its built-in "Dan!" before the solo, is another great example). I also admit, that one of my first thoughts on hear this song, was that they would never be able to play it live because Flans could never remember all those lyrics to sing it right night after night.

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