Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 729

Today's song is...

Alphabet Lost And Found

I can't believe I forgot to post today's song until the middle of the night, on a day featuring one of my absolute favorite songs!! This was one of the first songs I saw live (or at least I think it was, as I actually have no memory of it, but I am pretty sure it was played at that first in-store I attended) so it has some sentimental value. But mostly, there is a cleverness and humor to it that strikes a very true chord with me. I will never cease to find "Slang words, you're in the wrong building" to be one of the funniest lines I can imagine. The whole concept of a place where objects go to find missing letters is very PBS, children's television in my mind, and that is what I grew up on (and actually even what I studied in college). And when that is mixed into a pop song with a super catchy beat, it is just a win-win situation. I love all the songs that Marty has written for the band, and the man knows how to put down a drum beat like no other, but this is by fair my favorite. The beat and melody are among my favorites, kid's song or otherwise. You can not help but bop around listening to this music.

And of course, one can't discuss Alphabet Lost and Found, without talking about watching Marty perform it live. I have never seen a human being put so much energy into performing a single song in my entire life. He's like a tiny cyclone, running around, and jumping off of things and spinning in circles. And the rest of the band just stands there doing their thing while he ricochets around them like a pinball. My favorite part is always when he runs up to each of them in turn to ask "Where they gonna go to find their letters? How can they survive without their letters?" at the end of the song and they all either just shrug with indifference or turn away and ignore his pleas completely. I have so many good memories of this song at shows. I have said it before and I will say it again. I will never tire of watching Marty dance. True fact: probably at least 50% of the reason I flew to California for the shows last year was to see Marty break out the dance moves again.

(The appropriate end for this post would be for me to collapse on the floor, but since you all can't see me do that in writing, please just assume that is what has happened.)

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