Sunday, November 11, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 727

Today's song is...

Mysterious Whisper

One of my favorite parts of Fingertips, because there are so many things about its live performance that I love. It never ceases to amuse me when everyone is rather loudly singing along to the song and they get to this part and the audience plunges forward, while Linnell deliberately pauses. So there is always this distinct echoing sound of the audience going "Myst...." before they shut up because they realize they have all come in too soon. And Linnell has got this smirk on his face because you know he does it on purpose, just to mess with them. And then he puts that big pause between the first two syllables, for increased dramatic affect. I never get tired of that, and I stand there listing for that too soon sound from the audience with glee every time.

And then watching Dan and Marty with their hands in the air swaying to music with such serene looks on their face. Marty always make me smile with his sticks in his hands, but it is Dan who rarely fails to make me giggle out loud. Like the show last spring where he shot his arms into the air so fast and with such force that it looked like he was doing an aerobics move. Or my personal favorite, the show were he attempted to get Danny to participate in the swaying. "Put your hands in the air!" Dan mouthed over to him. Danny, shook his head indicating that he was still playing and could not. Dan tried again to get him to do it anyway and Danny kept shaking him off. But Dan kept goading him, so Danny started adding notes into the rhythm and playing a more and more complicated bass line to justify the fact that he really needed his hands, until both of them were laughing. I love moments like that, and this song has created more than its share :-)

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