Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 442

Today's song is...

Can't Keep Johnny Down

This song has withstood the true test. I listened to it god knows how many times in succession while watching the contest videos and did not get sick of it. I think it's the incredibly catchy melody. The song has a hook that just gets in you and it's not just that you can't get it out; you don't want to get it out. I love the opening keyboard riff and the modified accordion part. And the drums are just killer. Plus the line "They can't know what's in here" resonates with me every time. It's kind of an angry song but it's also kind of a sympathetic sad song. Set to a peppy pop melody like the best TMBG tunes are. I already feel like this song has been in the catalog for years even though it's only been eight months or so. It's just that classic TMBG sound.

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