Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 421

Today's song is...

Roy G. Biv

I really love this song musically, most especially what is going on with the drums and bass at the very beginning where Flans is singing "R is for red, O is for Orange" etc, that also reprises later. The song itself is cute but the music really rocks. Just listen to those drums! Sometimes I wish the people who frown on the children's music would just take a good hard listen to songs like this and hear what a good song it is, whether because of or despite the fact that it is about a magical elf. Who lives inside a rainbow. Because where else would you find a magical elf?

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  1. How could this not have been the SOTD already? I love this one too -- it made my top 25 Flansburgh songs. But I particularly love the vocals; they just make me feel warm and fuzzy.