Monday, January 2, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 412

Today's song is...

See The Constellation

One of my favorites. Such a good rhythm. This is a song that sonically blows my mind. I can't single out any one part I particularly love because what I really love is all those parts blended together. It's just such a well constructed song. And one of my favorite TMBG memories is hearing this live for the first time at LPR when the entire front of the audience started going "hey, hey" on cue at the beginning of the song with no prompting what so ever. It was one of those incredible moments where I really felt down to my core the rush of that shared love for the band from a whole room full of fans.


  1. One of my "sometimes I cry at night because I'll never hear it live" songs. But I'm gonna have to take Crane off that list in February, so maybe there's hope for this one, too.

  2. i meant to mention yesterday BUT I FORGOT—that bit about the crowd supplying the backing vocals made me tear up a little, perhaps because it was a little late at night when i read it, BUT, even so.