Saturday, January 14, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 425

Today's song is...

Read A Book

This is one of those songs where it seems like the lyrics were written just to have something to go along with the melody and thus they are kind of silly and non-sensical. And I love them. I can totally picture Flans asking Linnell what the speed of light is, because of course he would know. And him getting all pissy because he was busy with something else. Heehee. And all set to some seriously grungy guitar. With a killer drum and bass bridge thrown in too. Good song, boys. Good song.


  1. I love the frenetic pace of this song and think it would be the perfect theme song for the IFC Tumblr. Because the Tumblr is the place to ask John all sorts of questions, and he often seems completely satisfied to answer them with "I don't know... I'll ask ____." It's always good to know that _he_ plans on finding the answer anyway. :-)

  2. Ooh, I agree with Rebecca. I also like to believe that this is based on a bus incident where Flans and Marty are screwing around writing a song and they need to know the speed of light so they ask Linnell, who's all busy playing chess on his Mac, and Linnell is angry because they've interrupted his groove and then his Mac wins the chess game.