Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Song of the Day - Day 828

Today's song is...

Crazy Train

This is totally cheating, I know. But I included Free Ride based on the number of times I had heard it live and so it felt wrong to skip this one, for the same reason. I gotta admit, I thought it was pretty damn cool when the boys broke into their instrumental version of Crazy Train for the first time in New Haven a couple of years ago. I may not know anything about heavy metal at all, but even I know Crazy Train (though I could not remember the name initially, when they first started playing). By far, my favorite memory associated with Crazy Train though, is the totally awesome all-bass cover of it that Danny performed at a few shows in the fall of 2011 while Dan was absent. I was super impressed.

This video taken by yours truly, though possessing of terrible sound quality, shows one of those performances (as well as Danny playing Spoiler Alert on the keyboard which was also cool). My camera was never great for video but I wanted to document it, so it wasn't lost and forgotten forever.

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