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Damn Good Times

March 9, 2012 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - Providence, RI

I feel like my primary memory of many of these shows from early 2012, is of how cold it was waiting outside for them to start. I hate being cold so, with a few exceptions, the waiting part wasn't very fun. This show, at least, had several convenient cars to sit in to get warm. And I happened to be outside at the right moment to catch Dan on his way into the club and have him sign my Join Us vinyl from my 100th show. He asked us how the guitars had sounded the previous night. And I felt a little dumb because I didn't have an answer. Fortunately, others had paid more attention than I.

In a change of pace from my last several shows, I watched this one from all the way on the left in front of the drum kit. It's always nice to switch things up and get a different view for pictures.

JoCo setlist: Code Monkey - Sticking It To Myself - Big Bad World One - Still Alive - I'm Your Moon - Shop Vac - Re: Your Brains - I Feel Fantastic

TMBG setlist: Mr. Me - Can't Keep Johnny Down - New York City - Birdhouse In Your Soul - Damn Good Times - Careful What You Pack - Where Your Eyes Don't Go - Particle Man - Snowball In Hell - Doctor Worm - Clap Your Hands - Battle For The Planet of the Apes - Paranoid - Pandor Jingle - Spoiler Alert - Cloisonné - Ana Ng - We Live In A Dump - Don't Let's Start - Spy - How Can I Sing Like A Girl - When Will You Die Encore - The Mesopotamians - Celebration - Fingertips Encore 2 - Why Does The Sun Shine? - Istanbul

New York City featured the extended ending as it appears on the album which was pretty cool.

Flansburgh was particularly impressed with the audience's delivery of "Damn" in Damn Good Times. He had us recreate it several times after the song and I believe recorded it as well.

I noticed something while I was watching a video of Clap Your Hands that I don't know if I noticed at the time. A short way into the song, Danny had to rescue Marty, when he noticed that the support arm on one of the cymbals had gone loose and was falling down onto the snare. While Marty played on, Danny reached in and straightened the cymbal and tightened up the wing nut on the fly. No idea if I just forgot this event entirely or was looking the other way, but it was kind of cool to watch on the video.

I believe I was once again on the losing side of the ape battle. I know at one of these shows, Flans switched the sides and had the band be the apes, but as I recall my team still lost on that go round. That might have been a different night though.

Flansburgh flubbed up the lines to Cloisonné in humorous fashion and later remarked that he had lost his concentration while singing about losing his concentration which felt very meta.

The Johns did the traditional conducting routine at the end of Spy. Linnell went first and inserted some narration about the Big Band era into his conducting. It was something about how great the sound of the 30s was but when you tried to recreate it, it sounded like "this". And then he had the band play some cacophonous noise to represent how terrible it would sound. Then there was something about the old '75s and some more noise. It was rather fantastic. Then Flans took a turn and cycled around the band members in random sequence for a while before finally finishing the song.

Our practice in doing the wave during When Will You Die paid off at this show, and we completed a fairly successful execution. My friends on the other end of the stage said that this got quite the surprised and impressed reaction from Danny, but I couldn't see him. I did, however, have a great view of Marty doing his "fill for Phil" in Celebration, which I always enjoy.

If I am not mistaken, this is the show where Flans bestowed the nickname "Fake ID" on our friend Paul. It's possible that was the day before, but I don't think so. Maybe Paul can confirm.

And that, sadly, is as far as my memory goes. But please enjoy these pictures from the evening.

TMBG 3/9/12 #7

TMBG 3/9/12 #8








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