Thursday, January 31, 2013

Song of the Day - Day 808

Today's song is...

Lost My Mind

This song hasn't grabbed my attention as much as some of the other Nanobots songs I have heard thus far. It isn't as musically interesting as Call You Mom or Black Ops, as stuck-in-your-brain catchy as Nanobots or Insect Hospital or as just plain odd as Circular Karate Chop. But it does seem to fit into a genre of Linnell songs about being kind of nuts. And it has one of my new favorite lyrics: "It walks the earth/ separated at birth/ terrorizing villages with intelligent remarks." That line just makes me chuckle picturing a brain wandering outside someone's head as it roams the world making intelligent observations. Also, I appreciate that the bridge features a pleasant, if not terribly exciting bass part. Can't wait to see what else this album has to offer us.

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