Monday, January 7, 2013

Song of the Day - Day 784

Today's song is...


This band intro song hasn't even found its way to having its own page on the wiki yet. But since Flansburgh declared it to be called 1-2-3 at the show last week, and I have certainly heard it enough times that I feel it counts as a legit song, I am including it on my list.

I was traveling alone when then band started using this tune and it took me a while to get the timing right on the clapping. I had to count the beats for a while, but they kept messing me up by changing how many there were. Some nights there would be five, some nights seven, I couldn't keep track. It seems to have finally settled into a rhythm that I can follow now. But I feel guilty every time I stop clapping to take a photo.

Also, I should note how much I enjoy the way Linnell demonstrates the rhythm to the audience. He walks to the edge of the stage, holds his arms out straight in front of him and claps like he can't bend his elbows. Then moves to a different part of the audience and repeats. I find it extremely endearing.

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