Saturday, January 19, 2013

Song of the Day - Day 796

Today's song is...

Pandor Jingle

"Pandor, it's more than a drug. Pandor, but still it's a drug"

Perhaps this is just my impression of the situation, but I feel like the whole Pandor thing is an example of a joke that didn't actually go over that well at first. But the guys liked it so much they kept running with it until it actually became a funnier joke than it originally started as. Maybe this is something that was more evident having seen the joke develop over time? I'm not sure. But I do feel like the audiences went from a more "huh?" attitude about it to a "haha good joke" attitude over time.

I've always thought the song was a pretty cute and clever little ditty. Not quite the personal connection to it that its predecessor, Epic Fail Baloney Sandwiches, had, but those puppets have a way of making a whole lot of stuff pretty funny. And let me tell you, having someone text "sing" the song to you when you are depressed late at night on Valentine's Day is a pretty good pick me up.

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