Friday, June 29, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 592

Today's song is...

Everybody Conga

I already sort of covered this song when No One Knows My Plan was the SOTD, but it deserves a day of its own cause it rocks. The first time I heard it live was the first time I heard it period and I didn't realize it was a common thing. At the time it was just a hilarious interlude as Flans berated the audience until they formed a conga line in the crowded club. That was also the one and only time I have every participated in the conga. Partly because it was the only time I was far enough back that I didn't care about losing my spot, and party because I have actually been present for very few congas. I've heard the song a number of times when the conga line wasn't enforced. The best performance I've heard would be a toss up between the Towson show where Flans ended the song by yelling "someone pick up that phone" in reference to the phone ring sound that some piece of their equipment was making; or which ever show I was at just this spring where the conga line actually formed and did its thing full force through the room. And honorable mention goes to the recording I have of Linnell performing it when Flans got sick, which is something you just have to hear to believe.

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