Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 569

Today's song is...

Experimental Film

I have two things to say about this song. The first is that I really enjoy it. I am truly entertained by the concept of the character who is sure he is going to make a film so awesome it will make your face implode, even though he doesn't appear to have a concept for his film. It's that blind optimism of youth, when you have absolute faith in your own talents and are sure the ideas will eventually materialize to support them. And in this case, set to a catchy pop beat. I particularly like the opening chords. And the repeated "yeah"s make it a fun sing along. I remember standing outside the theater in Tarrytown, NY a few years ago with some teenagers who were engaging in a group sing along on this song. The poor kids were a bit heartbroken the band didn't play it at the show I'm afraid.

The other thing is this. I love this song. I firmly believe it should not have been the first track on The Spine. That album should have opened with Spine playing into Memo to Human Resources. Experimental Film could have been the third track to boost up the energy or put somewhere in the middle as a good halfway point. But it sounds disjointed at the beginning as if you were listening to a single and then starting an album. This is of course, just my personal opinion but I stand behind it whole heartedly. And I still love the song.

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