Saturday, June 9, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 572

Today's song is...

The House At The Top Of The Tree

I have always had a fondness for songs or stories there each verse or stanza builds on those that came before and especially those that then require listing back all the previous ones. (Wikipedia tells me these are called cumulative songs or tales). Songs like Rattlin' Bog and Going on a Bear Hunt come to mind and books like Green Eggs and Ham, which was a favorite as a child. I believe I am partial to them because I have always enjoyed memorizing things and these were always fun to memorize. So this song is sort of right up my ally. Except not quite because each verse doesn't repeat all the previous exactly as they were, especially not the last one. Which drives me a little crazy. As does the whole concept really. I mean, if you were worried about a mouse eating you (or your house) because he was angry that you didn't give him any potato chips, why would you give the potato chips to the dog, who was clearly leaving the house, to give to the mouse instead of giving them to the mouse directly? That just seems like it would delay the whole process and piss off the mouse. Hmm... I'm putting too much thought into this, aren't I?

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