Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 772

Today's song is...

In Fact

This is probably in my top five Flansburgh-written songs. It contains what is probably my favorite instrumentation on Join Us, and is certainly in my top 25 all time favorites. I am pretty obsessed with the guitar/bass part in the song. When I first heard it, I was desperate to know whether it was actually a guitar or a bass playing the line I fell instantly in love with. So I was pretty delighted when Flans told me it was actually both playing in unison with an additional acoustic on the down beats. I was equally delighted to read Marty's account of playing the drum part with two sticks in each hand, to create that wonderful train-like sound that so perfectly accompanies the guitar line. And then there is that Latin-flavor horn part which is absolutely delightful. I would do anything to hear this one performed live with the horn section. And all of that isn't even mentioning Flansburgh's intriguing lyrics. "I want to find a softer spot for my crash landing," is one of my particular favorites, but there is a lyrical rhythm and narrative that runs through the song that particularly appeals to me. Join Us featured some of Flansburgh's best writing to date and this song is one of my best examples of that.

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