Saturday, September 29, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 684

Today's song is...

Live Free Or Die

One of the down sides of going to my first TMBG shows before I was a real fan of the band, is that I barely remember hearing some really cool songs they played at them, some of which I have never heard again. This one is a perfect example. I was there for one of the performances of this song at The Stone Church, but I have no memory of the song itself. I have a slightly better than vague memory of Flans' introduction to the song where he was talking about license plates and the Venue Songs deal. I remember the fact that they played the song, but nothing of the tune or lyrics. And when I just went to refresh my memory with the NPR performance, it seems it has been removed from their website. So unless someone nabbed it from them before they took it down, I may be doomed to only have the vaguest of memories of this song forever.

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