Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 660

Today's song is...

Finished With Lies

This is one song I am so glad got updated from early versions they performed live. Back then it was so slow I got bored with it before I was finished listening to it. Not anymore! Though this is a song I tend to like more for the lyrics than the whole package. Another in Linnell's series of songs about people who are kind of nuts but do not realize they are nuts. I wonder if a plausible argument could be made that they are all about the same character? Have to look into that.


  1. Might I suggest "Welcome To Hell" for song #666? I know you occasionally do a non-random one, and I don't think that you've used it yet.

  2. It is a great suggestion, however, I did use it back in the 300s somewhere. Would you settle for Born In A Graveyard? It is the only other even vaguely appropriate song I can find on the remaining list.