Thursday, October 25, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 710

Today's song is...

Science Is Real

Perfect opener for Here Comes Science. It bursts right out there and announces what the album is all about. None of this angels, unicorns and elves nonsense. I find it hard to believe that science is so often in dispute and I really appreciate this upfront, matter of fact take on the subject. Plus, it is a really great song. Good tune, pretty guitar part and awesome drum part.

I can still vividly remember being at the tour kick-off show in Ithaca in 2009 and Flansburgh pulling out a chair to sit down and play his acoustic guitar on this song. I think he needed to concentrate so hard on getting it right, he couldn't also concentrate on standing up and holding the guitar. It was adorable. Though as an aside, in my personal opinion, the song never sounded as good live as it did on the recording.

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