Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dan!!

What time is it? It's Miller Time! Dan Miller time, that is ;-) If you would all please join me in the traditional chant in honor of Dan's birthday...


I could wax lyrical about Dan for quite a while, but in reality there are no words big enough for the awe and admiration I hold for my favorite guitar player. He is epic in every sense of the word and one of the sweetest, nicest guys I have ever met.

This past February, I was at a show in North Carolina on Valentine's Day, and not in a particularly good mood. I had had a bad day, was bummed about being alone on the holiday and had a crappy seat at the venue despite ordering tickets early over the phone. I was sitting by myself, without anyone else even near me in the row, six or eight rows back from the stage. The crowd was unusually sedate and despite the best efforts from the band, I just wasn't having a good time. And it must have shown on my face, even way out in the dark theater, because part way through the show, Dan spotted me in the crowd and quirked his face at me as if to say "cheer up, it's not so bad." I have no idea how he could even see me, much less tell that I was bumming, but despite it only being a three second moment, I was extremely touched. And it really did cheer me up in a way nothing else had. And then Dan rocked our faces off with one of his towering Fingertips solos from an upper balcony which cheered me up even more. How could you not love someone so kind and awesome all in one massively talented package?

Happy Birthday, Dan! You truly are the best :-)

TMBG 10/28/11 #38

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