Monday, October 1, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 686

Today's song is...

My Evil Twin

Does your brain ever links songs together that do not particularly go together for any reason other than one your brain concocts? Cause mine does. And such is the case with this song and Your Own Worst Enemy. I think my brain draws the connection between songs about a character who is depicted as being an independent person but may or may not actually be the narrator himself. But I believe they are also linked in my mind because they were both songs not performed live at the Apollo 18 and Factory Showroom shows I saw at Mohegan Sun in '08. (I have since seen My Evil Twin at a later Apollo 18 show, though I have still never heard Your Own Worst Enemy.) They are also, incidentally, both songs I consistently forget about whenever I attempt to tackle that Sporcle quiz to name all the TMBG songs.

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