Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 632

Today's song is...

Judy Is Your Viet Nam

So many good things I could say about this song and so many good memories of hearing it live. From the first performance I heard at the Apple Store, where Marty nailed that drum part on a drum kit sized for a six year old and I spent a portion of the song intensely lip reading Linnell to figure out what the background lyrics of the song were. To the performance in Great Barrington where I realized that the only thing cooler than watching Marty drum Judy, was watching Marty's dad watch Marty drum Judy.

It is a fantastic song no matter which way you slice it, but my love for the song will always be rooted in the drums. Half the times I listen to it I get so caught up listening to the drum part, I forget to listen to the rest of the song. And I have now heard it live 24 times and I will never, ever, EVER tire of watching Marty attack his drum kit to bring us this song. It floors me every single time. If the songs on the next album are even half as good as this one, it is going to be stellar.

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