Sunday, August 5, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 629

Today's song is...

Dinner Bell

The first time I heard this song live, I remember being so impressed that Linnell could sing the lyrics that fast in real life without screwing them up. I always have a fondness for songs with rapid fire lyrics, this one included. The song is a little bit strange but just enough so to make it really unique and enjoyable. I kind of picture this as being one of those tracks that teenage fans dared each other to try to sing all the way through when the album was new, and it was a big achievement when someone made it. The multi-track vocal effect used here is what really makes the song impressive though. It creates such a full bodied sound, especially considering there are only two instruments being used. I'm not sure where exactly on my list this song falls but it is definitely in the top 50.

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