Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jump for Joy! Second Danny Weinkauf Album Available for Pre-Order!

Hey all! Bet you thought I fell off the planet. But nothing brings me racing back to the blog-o-sphere faster than an new album announcement from one of my favorite peeps!

That's right, it is once again time to wave my Red Pants Team banner high! That incomparable, high-flying, red-pants-stylin', kindie rock dynamo Danny Weinkauf has just launch a PledgeMusic drive for his second album with his very own Red Pants Band.


There are some great perks if you pre-order like signed CDs, t-shirts, even your very own song! I've gotten a sneak peak at some of the tracks played live at concerts over the last year and they are super-tastic (see I had to make up a word just to describe them). I promise, if you liked No School Today, you are going to love this album.

So what are you waiting for? Jump up and join the parade!

P.S. Don't miss the questionable safety of playing guitar while bouncing on a trampoline in the pledge video :-)


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