Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 603

Today's song is...

Speed and Velocity

I admit, I picked this one for Marty's birthday, but I only moved it up three days from where it was supposed to be so I only fudged a little. This is my second favorite of Marty's songs. It is wonderfully appropriate that Marty Beller, the man who never stops moving, wrote a song about speed and velocity. And a really good song too. Great pop melody, a fun drum beat (of course) and the lyrics are cute and educational. And I enjoy the way that Marty's vocals are displayed in the song. It really works. But my favorite bit is the drum fill about two thirds of the way through. Whee! Also, is it just me, or every now and then while you are listening to the song do you find yourself picturing Marty riding a Big Wheel down the sidewalk with gleeful abandon?

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