Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Song of the Day - Day 554

Today's song is...

Which Describes How You're Feeling

I am always a little surprised these days when I turn up songs I haven't used that are actually from one of the main studio albums. This is one of the songs I think of as sort of quintessentially TMBG. Non-sensical lyrics sung quickly and backed by a catch melody. It's not a song that ever really stood out for me among the rest. Rather it sits patiently among the rest of the excellent songs in the back catalog, waiting for me to discover it over and over and over when I happen to pop Apollo 18 into the CD player. I love that there are so many great songs like this that make up that catalog and always give me something good to listen to without feeling like I am listening to the same 40 songs over and over and over. P.S. The bass in this song is pretty cool.

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